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SLH Financial services and SLH Will see a lot of clients and a lot of different circumstances and each time we think we have seen all there is to see, well something new comes along. So in short there is no end to the reasons for having a will and no limit to the harm that can be done to your legacy without one.
To cut a long list to its bones here are a few common reasons why you should have a will. Each of the life events in the list below can result in complications and your hard earned money going exactly where you did not want it to go, unless you make  sure you have a legally written last will and Testement

People need a will for a variety of reasons

  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Separation
  • Co-habitation
  • Birth of a child
  • Purchase of a property
  • Starting or purchasing a new business
  • Civil Partnership Agreement

If any of these events have happened in your life you, then you really do need to contact us and discuss your options. We are always more than happy to provide you with a free telephone consultation over the phone with one of our advisors

SLH wills  is a completely professional, highly personal and just as importantly friendly will writing service tailoring estate planning forou.

We are very proud of the services we offer which include all aspects of estate planning, From wills, through probate, lasting powers of attorney, trusts and  funeral planning

Lasting Power Of Attorney

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